How It Works

Cleanmail - Email Spam and Filter tool

Threat detection

Sender Behavior Analysis

CleanMail's patented behavior analysis technology examines every connection to the CleanMail network, immediately blocking traffic from computers exhibiting characteristics of malicious behavior such as directory harvest, denial of service, and other attacks. This patented capability effectively identifies, in real time, the "evil" computers on the internet.

Preemptive Filtering

Multiple layers of filters scan email for unwanted content, before it reaches client networks. Highly accurate, redundant technologies block spam, viruses, and worms, as well as content and attachments banned by corporate, divisional or individual policies. CleanMail is connected directly to the operations centers of major anti-virus vendors, enabling global threat updates within seconds of detection of new malware. In practice, because of the massive volume of communication processed by CleanMail's data centers, CleanMail has visibility into new attacks and outbreaks days or weeks ahead of on-premises solutions. E-mail Message Processing

Stateless Message Processing

Patented stateless message processing technology processes messages in real-time and in memory, ensuring 100% privacy with no message loss or transmission delays. Messages are scanned, filtered, archived, and encrypted or decrypted in milliseconds.

Message Disposition

Processed messages are automatically routed according to filtering results and corporate policies. Viruses, other malware and remaining spam can be deleted or sent to an offsite quarantine. And legitimate messages are then delivered and routed based on company policies.

Message Delivery Manager

Delivery manager immediately routes legitimate messages to recipients, balancing the load among multiple servers as necessary. Delivery Manager also ensures that no messages are ever lost by spooling to CleanMail's highly available, redundant storage if a client's email server ever fails, and delivers them later when the server comes back up.


Immediate Deployment

CleanMail e-mail management is deployed by redirecting your communications through CleanMail's data centers. Client's domain MX records are updated to send messages through CleanMail.

Directory Synchronization

CleanMail greatly reduces the cost of provisioning and maintaining users by delivering web services that enable synchronization with corporate directories and LDAP services.

Central Administration Console

CleanMail improves administrator productivity and reduces help desk overhead by granting users greater control over their own services. From one convenient Web-based Message Center, users can access their own spam quarantines, search personal archives, adjust personal filters, maintain white-and blacklists, and control other settings, all without needing the help of an IT person. Administrators are more productive because they have comprehensive control over how the message management platform works from a single, integrated and comprehensive console. Changes take effect immediately, allowing administrators to respond instantly to changing business needs. This dramatically improves productivity and response time, as CleanMail's clients quickly become self-sufficient and can respond to company-specific threats, configuration changes or other business needs without needing to reach out to CleanMail for assistance.

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